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Association of Neonatologists Georgia was the first who started the Continues Medical Education (CME) projects in Georgia. In the Partnership with Nestle, association conducted wide scale National accredited CME program for doctors and nurses. The most active medical professions have been approached throughout entire Georgia (Tbilisi and regions) in 2015-2016 by CME trainings: “First 1000 days of life define the future health”. Partnership with Nestle continued in 2017-2018 with another CME program - “School of Nutritionists”  which ended in November, 2018.

All the National CME programs have been accredited at Tbilisi State Medical University and MoH. Courses grant CME credit points to participants – needed to collect for their medical license prolongation.

-As per new order of MoH dated 19/07/2018, previously collected credit points will NOT count in SUM needed for prolongation of doctor’s license and only Continues Medical Educational programs accredited at MoH after above order, will grant official, valuable for license credit points;

-Above order also has regulated more strict criteria's to CME point providers as well as established monitoring over doctors’ presence.

-We have a situation, where demand on official CME programs dramaticallly increased in Georgian medical society, while valuable CME credit point  provider organizations became less since the strict criteria's.

-Association of Neonatologists Georgia, together with Tbilisi State Medical University was able to accredit new  National Official CME program for doctors "Pediatrics of Development - healthy future". Nowadays,  we own the only largest scale 6 day program, granting doctors maximum of available 36 valuable credit points.

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